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WELDENZ is a uniquely formulated thermoplastic resin from Japan that is comprised primarily of copolymer polypropylene.  It can be both flexible and firm! With this versatility, it is no surprise it can be used for a myriad of removable dental prosthesis including partial dentures, crowns and bridges. What it delivers is an extremely lightweight yet strong denture with high resistance to impact, moisture and staining.  It also does not discolorize and is easy to care for.

Comfortable, Safe, and Lightweight

Gum pain, bad breath, an unflattering smile—these and more are all common problems regularly experienced by patients with dentures. But we have great news! A new type of denture has finally made its way into the market, effectively solving all such problems. Compared with ordinary acrylic dentures, Weldenz is extremely lightweight, flexible, and comfortable for patients.

The most common complaints made about dentures are related to the discomfort caused by a poor fit or bite-related problems. Conventional dentures are made of hard resin, often resulting in pain where the denture meets the gums. On the other hand, a Weldenz denture is primarily comprised of copolymer polypropylene, a material which is widely used to create baby bottle nipples. This material is both flexible and firm, thus allowing for a comfortable fit and natural bite. Weldenz is also extremely lightweight, yet highly resistant to impact. It is so comfortable compared to other dentures that a Weldenz patient sometimes forgets that he or she is wearing a denture at all!

In addition, unlike most dentures, no metals are used in Weldenz products. Dentures are often the source of allergic reactions, due to the metals used in the product. However, with no metal components, there is no need to worry about allergies when wearing a Weldenz denture.

The Non-Absorbent Property of Weldenz

Weldenz is characterized by its non-absorbent property, which allows the denture to remain clean and hygienic at all times. This is because the non-absorbent property, which is unique to Weldenz, keeps the denture from absorbing moisture, which often causes odors and discoloring.

The Weldenz denture is also easy to remove, clean, and maintain. No special cleaning agents are required—that is, there is no need to soak the denture overnight in water or other special forumlas. And because its non-absorbent property allows the denture to keep fresh for a long time, some patients end up wearing the Weldenz denture in their mouths for over 24 hours at a time!

With a flexibility that allows the denture to fit comfortably and be removed easily without causing discomfort or damage to the gum, Weldenz goes beyond the typical notion of a denture. Developed based upon the desire to keep remaining natural teeth in tact as much as possible, as well as the hope to achieve a comfortable and hygienic denture experience, Weldenz represents the next generation in dentures.

Male, 60s

Previously, I could never smile naturally because of I was always self-conscious of the metal portion of my denture showing. It was also a shock for me when my wife pointed out that my denture was causing bad breath. However, now that I have changed my denture to Weldenz, I am free of such problems. I can now smile big without a worry!

Patient Testimonial