Essential Smiles Dental Laboratories offers various options for the replacement of missing teeth. Our denture products are fabricated by skilled technicians to ensure strength, esthetics, and optimal comfort.


Valplast Flexible Partial



Valplast is the most popular any time partials are indicated or the patient prefers not to use a fixed restoration. Benefits of Valplast include:


  • Lightweight, comfortable, and retentive

  • Completely biocompatible, and hypo-allergenic

  • Excellent fit from injection molding

  • Virtually undetectable partial

  • Flexible for easy patient insertion & removal

  • Durable and color stable

  • Clasps can be gingival or tooth colored

  • No special preparation technique


Complete Denture
Complete Denture


Our complete dentures offers life-like aesthetic beauty and a natural sense of bite, with a high level of comfort and fit that is entirely free of pain and other annoyances. Benefits of our complete dentures include:


  • Beauty, color stability and the vitality of natural tissue

  • Ultra high impact acrylic

  • Excellent tooth retention

  • Stain resistant

  • Lifelike shades

  • Long lasting comfort

  • Balanced translucency

  • Exceptional fit – injection molded

Partial Denture
Partial Denture


Fabricated and designed by highly skilled technicians, our partial dentures offer precision fit and exceptional comfort. Benefits of our partial dentures include:


  • The undisputed premium partial denture alloy

  • Chrome-cobalt alloy composition and the strength of over 855 MPa

  • Free of nickel & beryllium

  • Excellent fit, retention & fracture resistance

  • Polishes to a brilliant mirrored finish

  • Plaque resistant

  • Long lasting durability and comfort

  • Easily adjusted like gold frameworks